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Who We Are

Thachireth Kudumbam is an ancient Malankara Syrian Christian family which had its roots in Nilakkal, later settled in Kattanam, Kerala.

Members of the family have well established themselves in every walk of life as doctors, engineers, finance professionals, businessmen and educationists.


Our History

The family takes its roots to the later part of the 18th century with our known ancestral great father Mathen Thachireth and his sons Kirian, Yohannan and Koshy.

Our forefathers are believed to have migrated from Nilakkal to Kadampanad and later to Kattanam. Ever since the 18th century, the family has bloomed with eight generations into a mighty tree with many branches, spread across the globe.

It is worthwhile to read the below, just to have an idea of our forefathers’ journey from Nilakkal to Kadampanad and later to Kattanam!


Nilakkal to Kadampanad and later to Kattanam!

Nilakkal connection 

Our forefathers, who were mainly traders are believed to have been settled at Nilakkal. The famous, Nilakkal Church was established by St. Thomas, the apostle of Jesus Christ. He established eight Churches and evangelized in present-day Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Many of these churches came up near Jewish settlements mostly engaged in trade. Nilakkal at that time was also a Jewish settlement. Nilakkal church was constructed in c. AD 54.

Nilakkal during those days was an important trade centre. Goods were taken from Nilakkal to various other prominent centres like Kanjirappally and Niranam along the mountain tracks.

Profession during early days

As mentioned earlier, our forefathers were mainly traders while at Nilakkal and later at Kattanam till the time of Thachireth Mathen, S/o Kirian Thachireth, who had large coconut fields and had copra trading business with established trade relations through then Kayamkulam and Alleppey ports.  

Migration from Nilakkal

In the beginning of the fourth century, a group of Christians from Nilakkal migrated to Kadampanad. They consecrated a church in accordance with Syrian tradition and rituals in AD 325. As time passed, a strong Christian community flourished around of this church. The St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral of Kadampanad is currently one of the oldest churches in Kerala.

It is believed that between AD 1253 and 1299, a group of plunderers under 'Vikram Puli Thevar' and 'Para Pattam' plundered the temples, churches and houses in the high ranges of Nilakkal. Fearing the chaotic situation many families settled here fled to Kadampanad.

There has been a subsequent migration of Syrian Christians from Nilakkal to Kadampanad during the early half of the 14th century due to great floods. The Nilakkal church and Nilakkal, once a flourished trade center was completely destroyed by the floods of AD 1341.

Churches at Kadampanad, Kayamkulam and Kattanam

Kadampanad church is considered to be the mother church of many parishes in central Travancore. The descendants of those who settled down in Kadampanad, later migrated to places like Adoor, Kayamkulam, Kattanam, Mavelikkara etc and settled there.

Thachireth family members were part of the Kayamkulam Kadeesha church (Estd. AD 835) since migration from Kadampanad till Kattanam Valiyapally (St. Stephen’s Orthodox Syrian Church) was established in 1835

Family Tree


<< Great Fathers

The family has track of its ancestors from late 18th century –  200+ years of clear genealogy, which starts with our known ancestral great father Mathen Thachireth and his sons Kirian Thachireth, Yohannan Thachireth and Koshy Thachireth.


Next Generation >>


<< It continues !


The Begining


It was late Mr. T K Mathen (Rtd. Sub Registrar), who laid the foundation of Thachireth Kudumbayogam in early 1940s, gathering the families in and near Kattanam and Punalur to meet once annually at Punalur where he was based for work. This was not formally organized and gradually discontinued by passage of time.

In the year 1993, the Kudumbayogam was constituted formally including all of our families then based in Kattanam, Adoor, Kottarakkara, Punalur, Pathanapuram and Ernakulam. The first such meeting was held on 1st May 1993 at Kattanam under the eminent leadership of Mr. M George (Late), Mr. M Mathen (Late), Mr. T G George and Mr. Koshy Mathew. Since then, the annual meeting is regularly held on the second Saturday of May every year. Most of the members make it a point to attend the same without fail.


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